PSL’s Dark Side: The Ethical Implications of Betting and Gambling Companies in League

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has become a powerful platform for betting and gambling companies in recent years. But everything has its positive and negative aspects, and this is the PSL’s dark side. As the league continues to grow in popularity, these companies have sought to capitalise on its success by offering various forms of Sports betting and gambling services to fans and enthusiasts. These activities are raising many questions, especially from Pakistan’s perspective. It’s essential to evaluate their impact on society.

PSL’s Dark Side: The Rise of Betting and Gambling in PSL: 

Betting and gambling companies have taken an interest in the Pakistani League due to its growing fan base and popularity. The league provides a massive platform for these companies to attract new customers and increase their revenue streams. These companies offer various options, such as pre-match and in-play betting, outright betting and fantasy cricket. They also provide gambling services like Casino games, Virtual sports, which can be accessed on their websites and mobile apps. 

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The Advantage for Betting Companies in the League:

One of the most significant advantages for betting and gambling companies in the League is the availability of live-streaming services. Fans can watch games in real-time, and these companies use this to their advantage by offering live betting options This allows fans to place bets on specific events during the game, such as who will score the next run and who will take the next wicket.

The Argue:

The rise of these companies has raised concerns about the ethical implications of sports betting and gambling. While some argue that it is a harmless activity that can add to the excitement of the game, Others worry about the potential addiction, Financial ruin, and other negative consequences and people are saying it is PSL’s dark side. Former wicketkeeper Rashid Latif slams PCB for allowing these companies.

Islamic Lens on this matter:

If we see from an Islamic perspective, betting and Gambling are considered Haram (Forbidden) activities. Islam says that betting and gambling are destructive activities that can lead to financial ruin, addiction and other negative consequences. They argue that such activities are based on chance rather than skill. Moreover, Islam emphasises the importance of fairness and justice in all aspects of life.

Implications for Society:

Betting and gambling companies often target vulnerable individuals such as youth and those with gambling addicts. They use tactics like offering bonuses and free bets to entice these individuals to gamble more than they can afford. This is definitely the PSL’s dark side. It impacts society very negatively.


Betting and gambling companies are likely to grow more and invest more in PSL in upcoming years. It’s essential to evaluate the ethical implications of these activities, particularly from an Islamic perspective. At the same time, some may argue that sports betting and gambling are harmless and it should be in the League to excite the fans, while others say that it’s PSL’s Dark side and these kinds of activities will leave a negative impact on society.

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    We should raise voices against betting companies at every platform of PCB.

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