Palwasha Bashir’s Remarkable Return to International Arena

Pakistan’s very own Pro-Badminton player, Palwasha Bashir has had a great run at Egypt International Badminton Championship. She and her partner Raja Hasnain have won back-to-back games for Pakistan.

Palwasha Bashir’s Injury Background:

She suffered some serious injuries back in March, which ruled her out of the game for a long time. She missed the national trials for the commonwealth games and domestic tournaments. Nevertheless, she was enthusiastic to return to the court. Even when she was injured, she didn’t leave the practice.

She even said: 

“No matter if my legs are not fully fit but my hands are fit and I can practice my shots with them.”

Performance of Palwasha Bashir in Tournament:

She and her partner Raja Hasnain had a remarkable run at the tournament so far. Having won back-to-back contests, Palwasha and her teammate are in high spirits. Even after missing so much badminton, she’s confident about her control of the game. The matches she won over her opponents were dominating, even though the pair were not successful to reach the finals of mixed doubles events

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Track Record: 

Palwasha has been a go-to player in badminton for Pakistan, be it Global events or domestic. She won the National Championship in 2009. Since then, she didn’t look back and has been representing Pakistan in National or Multinational events worldwide. She participated in the 2010 South Asian Games, and won a bronze medal which consequently steered her to greater fame in Pakistan.

Apart from these, she has represented Pakistan at the Commonwealth games and Asian games. She has dominated National players for a long time now.


Palwasha Bashir has been impressive since her comeback and her stats prove this. But it’s about time that we start to acknowledge her and many more like her. She is a woman of grit and determination, never giving up on her dreams. This is what makes her retort more worthy of praise. 

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