Fans Jubilate as Pakistan Cricket Team prepares for the T20 World Cup Final

Ever since the T20 World Cup took center stage in Australia, things have constantly been up and down for the Pakistan cricket team. A loss in the first two games pushed them to the brink of an early exit. Even though they bounced back well, it was still not enough. The men in green were heavily reliant on results from other group matches. At one point, all hope was lost and fans were absolutely heartbroken, to say the least.

But then Saqlain Mushtaq’s ‘Qudrat ka Nizam’ happened and a tiny last glimmer of hope turned into something big for Babar and his men and just like a miracle team green were through to the semi-final and what a semi-final it turned out to be. A Babar and Rizwan’s master blaster with the bat stunned New Zealand. After thirteen years the Pakistan cricket team was through to the final and to put it into simple words, the Pakistan fans went berserk over the team’s victory.

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Fans’ reaction to Pakistan Cricket Team’s win

The fans in the stadium

The stadium went all white and green for the semi-final. Every wicket, every boundary, and even a single run was cheered by the spectators supporting green shirts. The stadium buzzed with excitement from Pak fans so much that even the captain admitted that it felt like playing in their home ground. But the moment of the match was when the entire stadium erupted in ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ chants as Babar’s army progressed towards the win.

King Babar Azam’s comeback

Babar Azam who is always almost at the top of his game fell into a slump of form at the wrong time. The opener could not provide a solid start to Pakistan in all of the group-stage matches and drew a lot of public and expert critique. But he shone where it mattered the most. Azam along with partner Rizwan provided the very start the team lacked. Their hundred partnership not only consolidated green shirts in the game but the fans got to witness a Babar master class. The cricket fraternity couldn’t stop themselves from saying ‘King is back.’

The Celebrations

As soon as the Pakistan cricket team won the semi-final celebrations broke out throughout the country. It came as a surprise for everyone given how close the team came to elimination. young and old, all were jubilant over the win. Here are a few glimpses of such celebrations.

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Fodder for the memers 

There can never be a cricket match without hilarious memes coming out of it. This time was no different. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Pakistan cricket fanbase comes out with the best memes always. Among a sea of them, here are a few favorites.

In short, yesterday was one of the greatest for the entire cricket fraternity and fans as the Pakistan cricket team made it to the finals after almost everyone ruled them out of the tournament. It was a glorious day made even more special by Babar and Rizwan and one that the entire country will remember for generations to come.

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