My life is in danger, tells PCB Chairman while revealing his salary

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ramiz Raja has caused quite a stir when he recently made headlines by saying “My salary as Chairman is Zero.” Many people took to Social Media after and voiced their opinion one of which was Ex- Pakistani Bowler Mohammad Amir. He tweeted “ What I have heard is that he does not get a monthly salary but there are benefits. I might be wrong but this is what I know off”.

PCB Chairman’s Interview

Raja was interviewed recently and there were many controversial topics that were discussed at the conference. For example, The National Assembly’s Standing committee for sports raised the question of whether he received any pay since joining the post one year ago. He replied by saying that he has received no incentives and that he has not taken any unnecessary perks as chairman of the PCB. 

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Another question was about Ahmed Shehzad. He recently stated that there was a report made against him by the team and he faced repercussions because of this and he wants to see it and settle it face to face. 

The chairman had replied to this and said that he should let the bat do the talking and see how Shan Masood has made a name for himself once and again.\

The Death Threat 

Recently, Raja came out and said that he has received a death threat and he has taken precautions like starting to move around in a bulletproof car. After publicly announcing that he received no salary he had received this threat. The list is very long of Pakistani staff and players receiving death threats.

This has caused a lot of stir on social media and there have been any safety precautions taken place to stop this from ever happening. He publicly stated that he had received a death threat. This in truth is quite unacceptable and action should be taken against whoever sent this. We have to give unprecedented credit to the Man who has brought back big teams to Pakistan and never looked towards money as the answer and has perfected most of PCB’s flaws

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