IPL money Lustre is Poisonous to Cricket as a Sport

“Money Fakes The Real Existence But It Can Never Replace It for life”

What IPL is all about?

Indian Premier League (IPL) is regarded as the world’s largest franchise-based cricket tournament that started way back in 2008. The factual reports also suggest that it is the world’s highest-paid cricket tournament, after all, run by the richest Cricket Board (BCCI).

Is it really good enough or is it just the Money Luster?

The monetary shine at IPL causes players to choose it despite the weak playing quality of the league. 

The players have always been blindfolded about what cricket is and they always start to leave national duties to pursue their careers at the Indian Premier League, which actually is damaging the real taste of cricket and also the public interest in the world events of this sport.

Indian biggest cricket league is actually getting poisonous day by day for the growing sport of cricket, if not stopped it would be a silent killer of the sport of cricket as a whole.

IPL Schedule hits hard on International Cricket Schedule?

Come the IPL, the teams stop scheduling their international tours due to the absence of their core players all due to the money game being played at the league which also cause the lack of international cricket for a minimum of 2 months since IPL is a huge tournament.

Due to the IPL, the T20 World Cup faced adverse effects which was a shame for everyone since a local tournament on basis of money got more respect than an international cricketing event.

IPL behind Indian team fall off the World Cup hill in 2021?

Many believe that the hectic playing schedule for the Indian players cause their bad performance at the World cup 2021 which was also accepted by Indian cricket gurus widely. For a rewind, see India Knocked out of the World T20 2021

How to End this Cancer Spreading?

IPL Money

The World Cricket Fraternity should step up against the expensive Indian league and start understanding how actually they are hurting cricket by not prioritizing the international cricket fixtures.

IPL Money Influence is caused for Political Gains?

The rift of India-Pakistan is not new but it got a further level up when PSL (Pakistan Super League) got to burst at the scene and eventually start hitting the popularity of IPL and many comparisons showed PSL was better than IPL.

After seeing a decline in the popularity of IPL, the political giants started to give their input in sense of increased salary pocket for the players to play in the extravaganza. This act of cunningness was not taken up by some and still, Pakistan’s tournament keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Many players are in awe of the PSL and the hospitality shown by the Pakistani people towards them.

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