England’s White Ball Struggle getting too visible

After the retirement of former captain Eoin Morgan, England’s white ball cricket has been quite disappointing, to say the least. Since then they have appointed Jos Buttler to be their captain and they have certainly underperformed since then. They have found it quite challenging to find the right groove to click as they certainly have the talent to do so.

Is New Leadership the cause of England’s white-ball struggle?

The Three Lions have had a new leader in Jos Buttler. Since then, they have played 12 matches, winning four and losing seven, with one finishing without a result. It certainly seems that the drift to new captaincy has taken a toll on the players. 

Jos Buttler seems to be overwhelmed by this; hence he has not had the best performances as of late. Unfortunately, they have also lost a very experienced player in Ben Stokes.

There seems to be a certain difference between test and white ball cricket. Under different leadership, there is a new Head Coach, Brendon McCullum. Their new way of playing tests, also known as BazBall has brought them huge success. There also looks like the mentality has changed, and the confidence is sky high in the tests but polar opposite in other formats. 

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Recent Series

England had matches against India and South Africa most recently. They have been unable to win a white ball series in either. Starting with the Indian series. In the ODI series. The batting side had a pure disaster, having scored only 110 runs in the first match. The rest of the series was disappointing from a batting perspective as well. They were unable to stay not out in all of the ODI’s. In T20, they batted full innings twice in three attempts.

The South Africa series was a mixed bag as well. Drawing the ODI series one to one due to a no-result match. They once again failed to survive the whole amount of overs. The bowling was a bit better this series as they managed to win the second match. The T20 series was better from a batting point of view for one match where they scored 200 plus. In the other two matches, the batting and bowling were rather disappointing.

Possible Solutions

There could be some changes that could benefit them from a batting point of view. Jason Roy has certainly struggled for some time. They can replace him now by bumping Johnny Bairstow up the order. Or they can bring in another opener, for example, Phil Salt, who is in good form. David Malan has also been a player who can’t find from and could be replaced by maybe putting back Tom Banton. They could also look at the upcoming The Hundred for ideas.

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