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There are different types of bowlers in cricket and almost every type is equally vital and significant. Different types of bowling options are necessary to form a good combination and in modern-day cricket, captains prefer to go with all sorts of resources in the bowling options. This is modern-day cricket and one must understand how it works.

A cricket coach prepares players for the games through sessions, lessons, and engagement. Green Team has also brought you a cricket coach to explain cricket.  In the first of the weekly series of articles to educate you all about this sport, Your cricket coach discusses different types of bowlers to educate you about the art of bowling. 

The Concept of Team Combination

Gone are the days when the best players used to be the first choice. In modern-day cricket, someone like Ravichandran Ashwin can be benched if conditions don’t suit him or if team management thinks they need a different bowler against a specific team. Good bowlers make headlines with their contributions to the victories of their sides. Darren Sammy once said, “Bowlers win you matches, batsmen don’t.”

Cricket is quite a funny game as well; Batters need just one good delivery to be thrown out of the stage but a bowler has plenty of deliveries. In the T20 format, a bowler spends a terrible time in the ground for 19 overs but bowls 2 or 3 batters out in the last over and keeps on celebrating in the next coming days.

Different types of bowlers play different roles. For example, a leg spinner is supposed to leak runs but is considered to be a wicket-taking option. On the other hand, a left-arm orthodox spinner will be expected to control the run rate and bowl with consistency and control. We will take an overview of each type.

Types of Bowlers

Majorly, there are 2 major types of bowlers;

1) Quick Bowlers

Quick bowlers are called pacers as well and the bowlers who are supposed to take a run up and bowl with the speed of more than 120 km/h, are called quick bowlers. Sometimes, their slow deliveries can read 100 km/h as well but that’s the fastest a slow bowler would hardly bowl.

2) Slow Bowlers

Slow bowlers have a very short run-up and they tend to spin the bowl at a slow pace. That’s why they are called spin bowlers as well. Slow bowlers mostly bowl with a pace of 80-90 km/h and due to their short run-up, they can bowl plenty of overs in a shorter period.

Different Types of Quick Bowlers

Quick bowlers are categorized into

1)  The Fast bowlers

2)  Medium Fast Bowlers

Medium fast bowlers mostly bowl with a speed of 125-135 km/h while a fast bowler tends to go at a higher pace, over 140 mostly. The fastest delivery by a fast bowler was bowled by Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan in the World Cup 2003 against England in a group match.

Shoaib Akhtar Fastest Ball 161.3 KM/H Vs England

A fast bowler is considered to threaten the opposition with his sheer pace and attitude. Greats of the game like Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee, and Shane Bond are remembered due to their speeds. Medium fast bowlers, on the other hand, are supposed to bowl with a variety and variation. In the present players of Pakistan, Ruman Raees and Sohail Tanvir are two great examples of impactful medium-fast bowlers.

Left and Right Arm Pacers

Fast Bowling

Left and right-hand bowlers make different types of bowling in spinners but in the pacers, there is not any rocket science. A left-arm fast bowler bowls with a different angle and can get breakthroughs due to his uniqueness and differentiation. Due to the styles, left arm pacers also make different types as some tend to swing the ball while others rely on their pace or variation.

Right arm pacers also tend to come with the same uniqueness and style. Obviously, against a left-hander, it would be better to use a right-arm pacer. According to his strength and plan, the bowler would decide to bowl go over the wicket or against it.

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Different Types of Slow Bowlers

In the slow bowlers, there are four different types of bowlers:

  • Off Spinner
  • Leg Spinner
  • Left arm Orthodox
  • Chinaman

1) Off Spinners

Off Spinner - Murali

An Off Spinner can be called a Right Arm Off Break Bowler as well. Off Spinners finger spin the ball and their main delivery is the Off Break delivery. This type of ball moves from the off stump to the leg stump of a right-hand batter while it would turn away from a left-hander, from his middle or leg stump to off stump.

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2) Leg Spinners

Leg Spinner - Warne

Leg Spinners can also be called Right Arm Wrist Spinners as well and they ball leg break. Leg break is a type of bowling where spinners spin the ball from the leg side to the offside of a right-hand batsman and from the offside to the leg side of a left-hand batsman. Captains use these bowlers against right-handers mostly as they tend to spin the ball away from a right-hander’s body.

3) Left Arm Orthodox

Left Arm Orthodox

This type of bowler can also be called Left Arm Off Break or Left Arm Off Spinners as well. They also off break the ball but as it would be bowled by a left armor, it would turn away from a right-hander’s body and into the stumps of a left-hand batter. This type of bowler can bowl with more control and accuracy as compared to a leg spinner.

Jadeja dismissing Right-handed Batsman

4) Chinaman


Chinaman bowlers bowl leg-spin with their left hands and are called Left Arm Unorthodox or Left Arm Leg Spinners as well. The stock delivery of these bowlers is also a leg-spin but as it would be bowled by a left hand, it turns away from the body of a left-hand batter and into the stumps of a right-hander. These types of bowlers have always been very rare in the cricket fraternity over the years.

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