Comparison Statements by Aqib Javed on ‘PAK vs IND Players’ Create Social Media War

What we can call the recent drama in the cricketing fraternity, has popped up a social media war between the arch-rivals, Indians and Pakistanis. The sentiments of keyboard warriors were triggered after comparison by Aqib Javed statements between the cricketers of two ends drew their attention. The former cricketer has termed Pakistani players better than Indians, specifying Babar Azam over Virat Kohli, Shaheen Shah Afridi over Jasprit Bumrah, and Mohammad Rizwan over Rishabh Pant.

No doubt, the mentioned-above Pakistani trio is at the peak of its career. With notable performances coming up at regular intervals and multiple ICC awards. While talking to the media, Aqib Javed stated that the former Indian skipper’s form has already drowned since he visibly is struggling. In contrast, he has highlighted Azam’s worth-praising renderings much better than that of Kohli.

“Now I think Babar is ahead. He [Kohli] had his peak but now going down. But Babar, on the other hand, is going up,”

Bumrah vs Shaheen

While talking about the green’s frontline pacer, Afridi, the head coach of the Lahore Qalandars, commented that the opponent’s toe-crusher, although is among the top five red-ball bowlers, but Shaheen holds way more capacity than him. 

“I now think that Shaheen is better than Bumrah because when Shaheen came into the international circuit Bumrah had already established himself and the critics used to say that Bumrah is doing well in Tests, T20Is, and so but now Shaheen has proved he is even better and has more capacity than Bumrah,”

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Pant vs Rizwan

Similarly, drawing a comparison between the two wicketkeeping batters, Pant and Rizwan, Javed cited that Peshawar-born is better than Pant these days and takes responsibilities. The former cricketer has put the 24-year-old ‘behind’ Rizwan.

Rizwan is better than Pant these days. There is no doubt that Pant is an extremely skilful player but the way Rizwan takes the responsibility, Pant is well behind him. It is often said that Pant is an aggressive player, but the aggressiveness doesn’t mean to hit a couple of big shots and got out but to stay at the crease, fight, and finish the game,”

The journalists also were quick to take action. One of the well-known Pakistani journalists took the matter to his Twitter account. He penned out that Indians cannot digest the success of Pakistani cricketers, as some of them are leading the field with their brilliant performances. He mentioned the visible truth that Indian cricket fans get furious right away when people compare their cricketers with Pakistani players

Indian cricket fraternity gets triggered right away whenever a comparison is made between players of India and Pakistan. They just can’t tolerate the comparison between PSL and IPL. Indian cricket fans just can’t accept the success of Babar Azam, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Mohammad Rizwan!

Response on Twitter to Comparisons by Aqib Javed

Battle among Pakistani and Indian cricket fans after Aqib Javed termed Babar, Rizwan, and Shaheen better than Kohli, Pant, and Bumrah

Some of the Indian fans did not spare his point of view either. Below are the tweets:

Apart from these, the war tweets revolved everywhere. Let’s have a look at the session shown below:

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