CEO Wasim Khan Discloses Details about the England Tour to Pakistan

A day has passed since the unfortunate cancellation of the New Zealand tour of Pakistan. The fans are upset, and so is the management. The PCB CEO Wasim Khan has come out to give his two cents on the current situation. 

Disappointment over New Zealand Cricket’s Decision.

Wasim did not look content with New Zealand cricket’s decision and expressed that things would not pan out well for Pakistan cricket. 

“Abandoning the tour by unilateral decision is not a wise move by New Zealand Cricket. This decision will damage Pakistan Cricket as we were looking forward to hosting international teams ahead. This damage will affect Pakistan Cricket negatively for a longer span.”

Future Measures to be Taken by PCB

He announced the plans of PCB and how they will carter the whole issue. 

“PCB will take up the issue in front of ICC and bring New Zealand Cricket on the table. PCB believes in dialogue. Making a decision on their own and abandoning a tour is injustice. I will say thoroughly that there is no security lapse or issues in Pakistan.”

Hard Work to Bring Cricket back to Homeland will not go Futile 

The CEO shed a little light on the efforts of PCB to bring cricket back to Pakistan and how New Zealand cricket has put a dent in them. 

“PCB worked hard in the recent past to win the faith of world cricket and resume international cricket in Pakistan. New Zealand has damaged the reputation & hard work of Pakistan. Financial damage is there, but the credibility of Pakistan Cricket has been damaged heavily.”

He then added and said the boys in green will play only at home grounds for now. 

“PCB has a clear vision for now that Pakistan will play home series in Pakistan only and will not play anywhere else for which we’re in talks with different boards. We’ve worked day and night to bring back international cricket in the stadiums of Pakistan.”

He also revealed that the new chairman has reached out to New Zealand cricket. Moreover, he said the team would fully participate in the upcoming T20 WC. 

“Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja has written an official letter to NewZealand Cricket for what they’ve done. Pakistan will play #T20WorldCup and is determined to win. We can’t wear black armbands as a protest during WorldCup as this will become a political move.”

Information about the Potential Upcoming Tours

Wasim Khan reminded people of how Pakistan stood with New Zealand under challenging times, yet they didn’t return the favor. He also shared updates about Sri Lanka and Bangladesh tour. 

“Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja has written an official letter to New Zealand Cricket for what they’ve done. Pakistan will play in the T20WorldCup and are determined to win. We can’t wear black armbands as a protest during WorldCup as this will become a political move.”

 “PCB contacted Srilanka and Bangladesh to tour Pakistan, and both the boards accepted to tour, but this wouldn’t have been possible due to logistic issues and less time. Everyone is listening in solidarity with Pakistan Cricket made by the cricket fraternity.”

CEO Wasim Khan then talked about the extraordinary security measures and PCB’s effort to make the New Zealand cricket team stay and how they all went into vain. 

PCB CEO Wasim Khan — “NZC told us regarding the threat & abandoning tour. PCB tried to convince but NZC didn’t accept. NZC should’ve shared a report with us so we could remove reservations. We told them you’ve been given the same presidential security which was given to the royal family”

In the end, CEO Wasim Khan disclosed details about England’s tour of Pakistan. He furthermore reminded everyone of England’s support to Bangladesh in tough times and how they should do the same now. 

 “England Cricket Board is examining the situation, but PCB is hopeful England will tour Pakistan as per schedule because they also toured Bangladesh right after the bomb blasts incident took place. Pakistan has suffered a severe blow made by New Zealand.”

People are applauding PCB’s response to the new and unlucky situation and hope for a better future of Pakistan Cricket.

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