Blockbuster Records by Pakistan in 1st T20I vs England

Pakistan tour of England 2021 did not commence favouring the visitors as they lost a three-match ODI series struggling to win at least one to dignify themselves. The matter looks dubious as to if something haunts them when it comes to the fifty-over format whereas, things run pretty smoothly in the twenty-twenty internationals.

There has clearly been a ‘distinguishable’ difference in the two formats – the three-match T20I commenced tonight, favouring the men in green. In contrast, Babar Azam and co were yet to pile up appealing showcases in the ODI series priorly.

Unquestionably, the first two ODIs bestowed frightful plays as the fans carried it to social media to gladden up their heavy hearts. The concluding match of the series looked to grant charms to them while batting sensibly, but nothing worked out versus the second-string English team.

Pakistan’s downfall in ODIs is now a constant part:

Apparently, every cricket fan must have spotted the mega differences while watching the similar green’s squad in T20Is and in ODIs. Since the 2019 World Cup is coiled up, Pakistan are yet to show excellence in ODIs but instead exhaust their fans up. On the other hand, the triumph stays their part on and off in the T20I matches – not forgetting the longspun tenure when they became the number 1 T20I team in the world.

Consequently, the case has been similar so far, portraying struggling form in ODIs in Pakistan vs England, whereas kicking off the twenty-over format proffering thunderous blows the home-siders. 

We heeded active fielders near the boundary, inside the circle, in short, the perfect placement to worry the England’s batters. We have witnessed Pakistan’s batting line-up modification that failed in the recently curled-up format.

Blockbuster Records by Pakistan in 1st T20I vs England

A pile of records thumbed up for the winning side as they successfully defended 232 runs with magnificent whilst bowling and regular activity on the field. Here are the Blockbuster records by Pakistan in 1st T20I vs England:

  1. Pakistan have totalled their highest-ever score in T20Is, that too defending successfully.
  2. Pakistan have brought up the highest-ever T20I score at Trent Bridge.
  3. Pakistan is now the first team to cross 200 run-mark in T20Is at Trent Bridge. However, England reached close to the chase but failed by 31 runs.
  4. Pakistan’s openers, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are now the only pair involve in two opening partnerships of 100 or more in T20Is for Pakistan.
  5. Babar and Rizwan are also the only pair to bring up three 100-run partnerships or more in T20Is in the calendar year.
  6. Pakistan have equalled the most number of sixes (12) in their T20I innings
  7. It was the 6th time overall and 1st time for Pakistan to cross 150 run-mark in the last ten overs of a T20I match.

These inspiring records will be retrieved by the Pakistan Cricket fraternity. However, the dull performances in the ODIs won’t be forgotten either. The rest is yet to be witnessed with two more games to go, but the blooming start converses itself concerning how nice guys can finish first this time. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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