Reasons Why PSL Anthem Faced Continuous Delay

Pakistan Super League’s seventh season has fans worried about the anthem more than anything else. The tournament is to take place in two stages while it seems that the jingle had many to pass. The tradition of a PSL anthem started from the very first season when Ali Zafar used his vocals to create a hype of Pakistan’s first-ever cricket league.

But somehow this tradition continued over the years and the tournament saw many singers give their vocals for the cause. But unlike the previous years where the song was released at least two weeks prior and fans had enough time to start and end an internet debate, this time the PSL anthem delay has left people wondering of its reasons. Here are some of the possible explanations

No Funds for Anthem

Ever since Ramiz Raja has occupied the seat of Pakistan Cricket Board chairman, things have taken a 180-degree turn. One of these things is not spending funds on activities otherwise deemed unnecessary.

For Raja, an opening ceremony and a league song fall under the category of such activities. Since the start of event preparations, he was very clear that no extra spending would be done on these things, hence the PSL anthem delay.

Finding Sponsors

According to sources, the PCB had asked the PSL marketing team to find a sponsor if a song is to be released because the board was not ready to release funds for it.

It took lots of time for them to find a sponsor. Even after the confirmation of the anthem, nothing was said about the sponsors. It was only one day before the release that the platform announced TikTok as the official sponsor. All this hustle caused the PSL anthem delay.

The Singers Reveal

Amidst the many rumours and controversies, the artists who would sing the anthem were finally revealed on 13th January.

For the fans, it was a sigh of relief. It was expected that the song would be somewhat released till the 20th but it failed to meet the mark. According to sources, the further PSL anthem delay was caused by the sudden surge in Corona cases in the country.

PSL Anthem gets a Release Date

The PSL finally got a release date after what seemed like an eternity and fans were elated now that they wouldn’t have to scroll through different social media sites to get hints of the release

Here is how the fans reacted to this news:

After much PSL anthem delay, it was released at 7:30 pm on 24th January 2022. But all the drama and wait it went through, will always be remembered in PSL history.

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