Mega Sunday Awaits Pakistan vs India

You say ‘Sunday’? We hear ‘fun day’. Do you know why? You must be thinking it is because of Pakistan vs India T20i game but there are going to be two other matches that will also keep the spectators on the edge of their seats. Let’s take you through the fixtures of 24th October.

24th October- the Day of Battles

First Manchester United is going to take on Liverpool, next up Real Madrid will be facing Barcelona. Last but not the least, the arch-rivals, India and Pakistan are going to come face to face. 

Pakistan vs India has always been a contest that even people not interested in the beautiful game of cricket will be keen to watch. That’s just how it is. The match itself is going to be big but the hype around it is just a cherry on top of the cake. 

The Calm Before the Storm 

The neighbors have continued with their tradition of making ads with the phrase “mauka mauka” reminding Pakistan that they are yet to beat India in ICC world cups.

The former cricketers from the other sides have also not held their opinions back and think Pakistan should just hand over the match to them.

Virat Kolhi, the captain of blue shirts, hinted in a funny tweet that Pakistan vs India is indeed the mother of games but he isn’t nervous. 

Talk shows have started to be held where both Indian and Pakistani representatives come fully prepared to back their respective teams. 

The Excitement and Anxiety of fans is Over the Top for Pakistan vs India

People have started to bet on games, begin to prepare for screening the match in public, and wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are already praying for their team to come on top.

The Dilemma of whose the Better Team Overall

The previous WC record against India which is 5-0 doesn’t put Pakistan in great light but records are meant to be broken, right? Moreover, there is a twist. Pakistan does lead the charts when it comes to overall matches so there is still plenty of hope. 

Will Shaheens be able to break their losing streak?

The question is will the aggressive opener Fakhar score another century, will Rizwan continue his PSL form, will Babar once again let people fall in love with his batting, will Hassan Ali’s generator be in full swing, and will Shaheen Shah be able to take the wicket of Virat Kolhi? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. If they do turn out in the favor of green shirts, then Babar Azam will become the first captain to defeat India in an all-important ICC world cup.

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