Pakistan Cricket at its Best, One Minute Down, Next Minute Up

Being a Pakistan Cricket Team fan is never easy. Don’t you agree? We are always in for a ton of surprises and lots of drama. But at the end of the day, we always want the moon and star badge to succeed and make the country proud. But let’s go over how much we have endured until now. 

Sudden Retirement of an Experienced Player

Mohammad Amir retired in the year 2020. His performance then wasn’t amazing but your main pacer who was an integral part of the champions trophy win suddenly saying goodbye to cricket and that too on a sad note came as a shock to many. The salt on the wounds was the disagreements between him and the management becoming public. Although most of the heat came from him. The fans overall were scared to see a t20 world cup squad without him.

PCB Witnesses Change

Then a sudden change of the PCB chairman happened. Ehsan Mani bid adieu and Ramiz Raja, the former cricketer and current commentator stepped in. 

T20 World cup Squad Announcement 

Next up, we had the official team selection. The team is going to be different from the team we saw in the champions trophy. We do not have Mohammad Amir, Shoaib Malik, and the captain Sarfaraz Ahmed. This still is a difficult thing for some to digest. Moreover, the selection of Asif Ali and Khushdil shah hasn’t been a pleasing factor either. Shoaib Malik didn’t also make the cut, the player who has been a part of the squad ever since he started playing. To say the squad seems a little shaky would not be a lie. 

The Dramatic Exit of the Coaches 

Do you think the drama has ended? Of course not. It’s the Pakistan cricket team, what do you expect? The news of head coach, Misbah Ul Haq, and bowling coach, Waqar Younis resigning saw the light on tv and social media. Many viewed it as mere gossip but it was indeed an authentic report. Abdul Razzaq and Saqlain Mushtaq were appointed the interim coaches but the question that circles the mind of every fan was “will the team be able to adjust to the new management in such a short span of time”

New Zealand series and the world cup are knocking on the door, these new changes are a risky business indeed. But we have been built differently from other cricket nations, haven’t we?

The Story of Pakistan Cricket Team also Known as the Unpredictables

Doesn’t this all remind you of the champions trophy 2017? A team of youngsters facing the more experienced teams and still winning both the hearts and title. Although we do hope our first game against India in the world cup doesn’t bore the same result as our first game against them in CT17. 

Pakistan cricket will make you cry, make you want to bang your head against the wall, or even make you quit on the game completely but we all know that will not happen because it’s also one of the things that make us cry happy tears, gives us goosebumps and be proud.

Oh also just so you know, there is still a chance of making changes in the squad after the New Zealand series so guys surely we are in for a ride. Till then, goodbye. 

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  • عرفان
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    بس کرو 2017 کی چیمپئنز ٹرافی کی جان چھوڑو۔ سرفراز،شعیب ملک کی کارکردگی بہت اعلی ہے جو ان کو رکھنا ضروری ہے۔

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