Mohammad Rizwan – An Inspirational Leader’s Journey from Criticism to Success

Achievements of Mohammad Rizwan are worth discussing – Not only in what he has been rendering in the Pakistan Super League’s multiple editions but beyond the boundaries too. From heavily being under criticism once to being a superhero of the realm, Rizwan has presented some flawless moments for the cricket devotees to watch for.

Sultans’ decision to make him the skipper of Multan Sultans is totally justified as the 29-year-old dragged his team to the final for the first time in HBL PSL history during the 2021 season. The blue-green men were induced in the franchise crew in 2018 and struggled to enter the final. They reached the playoffs in PSL 2020 under Shan Masood but were not lucky enough to chase the race to the grand finale.

From where did Mohammad Rizwan’s road to immense success rise?

Mohammad Rizwan KP

Not only personal accomplishments but Rizwan’s individual record in every prospect is worth lauds of praises. His place in the national team had been debatable as in competition with Sarfaraz Ahmed that is now explained. Both Mohammad Rizwan and Sarfaraz, being the mid-order wicketkeeping batters, have shared delightful moments on and off-field but were considered to be in combat when it comes to owning the place in the squad.

When Sarfaraz’s road to the team became doubtful after fitness lack and mediocre showcases in some agendas, his place was questionable and replaceable as a skipper. Although with his return to the team after inspiring performances in domestic, it became a matter of debate that who would be the leading wicketkeeper of Pakistan.

Both of them were seen placed in the national team, getting chances to play XI at once for either role. But, Rizwan has turned the past criticism into praises magnificently behind the stumps and bat, purifying his place in the national crew with no place for Ahmed at the moment. He is now one of the three Pakistani batsmen and the second wicketkeeper in the world to have a century in all three formats of cricket. His appealing performances may have seized the board to proceed with him in all three formats deliberately.

KP Champions

His leadership role was a matter of query, too, but at last, Mohammad Rizwan had shut all up with his individual and captaincy performances clearing Sultans’ road to the grand finale primarily in 4 years during 2021. Maybe the Tareens were too inspired by his past captaincy sights in domestic as he was coming from a National T20 Cup win for KPK lately alongside different triumphs for the Peshawar region.

Nobody knew overtaking Masood may bring fortunes for Multan Sultans in the HBL PSL 6. As it was not enough, the leader is commencing to roar in the ongoing PSL 2022 winning all four encounters Sultans have battled yet. It places the side on the top of the Points Table.

From having extensive criticism to being a thriving leader, the story of Mohammad Rizwan has been fairly inciting for the cricketing fraternity. Not only has he procured the limelight a few years back but he has been assisting Pakistan cricket since 2008. Kicking off with domestic, the 28-year old has crowned Peshawar region numerous times.

Being pulled off by Karachi Kings

Conquering the events in yore is not only his accomplishment but never discerning about the pointless objection and seamlessly impelling towards the goal is. He worked in silence and his success today makes noise. The champion of the National T20 Cup 2020 for KPK was uprooted by Karachi Kings in PSL 5 drafting procedure.

Rizwan – The Brand New Skipper as Sultans, utilized the chance

Multan Sultans

The KK captain claimed, ‘Rizwan does not make a place in our playing XI.’ Maybe, the franchise did not ken that the one who they are contemplating as ‘unfit’ in their squad will be roaring in the subsequent periods to boot combatants out. Later, Sultans proffered extensive utility of the released Rizwan, not only fancying him for their squad but giving him the utmost integrity overtaking Shan Masood.

The Roaring Leader

Indeed, that was a theme of debate as MS approached their first playoffs under Masood last year. According to many, removing him from captaincy was an ‘unjust’ act, but they did not know that the new destiny is to nurture their fortunes of winning the maiden trophy.

Now, visibly, Mohammad Rizwan’s leading successes are not only something we are addressing about, but his memorabilia behind the stumps’ individual records distinguish him from the other contestants unquestionably. His leading circumscribed the promising way to progress ahead, backing the chaps alongside aggressively celebrating the favouring moments. There is a whole fuss to do with his supervision. Fans are incited to watch him during PSL 2022.

His Achievements in 2021 and 2022 Continue

Consequently, as a firm believer of the divine, Rizwan was also the highest T20 run-getter of the year 2021. Do not forget to check his latest records here. He was placed second on the list of most runs by a player in HBL PSL 6. His contributions are worth discussing to consider the charm he signifies to his team.

Rizwan recently has been named ICC T20I cricketer of the year after dream performances he put on the board.

Latterly, he has owned various distinctive records in international cricket. Mentioning him as the first Pakistani wicketkeeper to have centuries in all formats would be unjust. The history continues…!

All Hail for Mohammad Rizwan for Inspirational Leadership:

As PSL 2022 is on the verges, Twitter is loaded with praises for the player. From passing on a cherishing smile to his bowlers despite conceding decent runs in an over to other beautiful traits he puts on, Mohammad Rizwan is everyone’s ideal across the nation in the current era. 

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