Excited Fans Take Celebrations to the Next Level as Pakistan Created History

The previous record against India in world cup games and odds were against Pakistan but then again what power do odds hold over our unpredictable team? This thought was circling every fan’s mind and rightly so too. Pakistan as usual surprised everyone and created history by defeating their arch-rivals for the first time. The figures went from 12-0 to 12-1.

Yesterday was not just a cricket match for Pakistan, it was so much more and the win was just as big. 

Few Setbacks led to a Bigger Reward

Just a month back, New Zealand abandoned the Pakistan tour and England followed their example, Pakistan was on the edge of being isolated. But guess what? The unpredictables proved to the world that you cannot take cricket out of Pakistan. They overpowered the team everyone thought they would lose to very easily.Β 

Pakistan Created History

The stage was set for Pakistan to come and conquer. From taking early wickets to keeping the pressure on to Shaheen getting the dream wicket of Kolhi to Rizwan completing his 100 catches to both openers scoring 50’s to a win by 10 wickets to beating India in the world cup for the first time. Everything was just perfect. It’s like it was all written in the stars. India had never lost by 10 wickets and Pakistan had never won by 10, yesterday broke both records. 

A Look at the Bigger Picture

However, It was not just about defeating India, it was also about how well the team performed in every department. The bowling attack did its best to overpower the opponents, fielding was quite decent & the batting just left them completely clueless. It was a composed performance that not only Pakistani fans but cricket fans from all around the world sang praises of. 

The last two runs and Rizwan throwing his gloves off and Babar roaring like a lion set off the celebration in every corner of the world that Pakistani and people who loved Pakistan lived. From Islamabad to Lahore to Peshawar to Srinagar to the United Kingdom, there was pure joy, pure happiness, and pure peace. It was a vibe that was unmatched, just the mere game of cricket made people put all their differences aside and unite. 

24th October- the Day of Celebrations

Not only were there celebrations in real life but social media exploded with fancams, emotional posts, and of course the memes. Let’s rewind to yesterday and see how people expressed their excitement.

The crew at 10 sports which included a host, former coaches, and cricketers danced to a catchy song with everyone taking part, clapping, and just enjoying the moments. It sure was a wholesome moment.

The proud father of the Pakistan cricket team’s captain became overwhelmed with emotions and cried tears of happiness. It sure would have made him remind of all the times he took Babar to practice sessions and now he became the only captain to defeat India. 

Shoaib Akhtar gave a befitting reply to Harbajan Singh. His tone was humble but the smirk at the end of the video was enough to add fuel to the fire. 

The singer Asim Azhar sang Dil Dil Pakistan with his pals and made everyone even more patriotic.

The famous meme guy was also seen wearing a very big smile and he didn’t at all seem disappointed like he did previously.

The fans at the stadium didn’t leave the opportunity to tease their neighbours who were just sitting in front of them and sang a little mauka and repeated the famous dialogue “kitne aadmi the?”

Students didn’t even want to feel left out from the celebration as Pakistan created history and they made their university echo with screams and slogans. 

This one boy couldn’t believe that Pakistan created history and finally beat India in the world cup. His mixed emotions surely made everyone laugh but at some point, we all could relate to it. 

These are just some of the reactions, there were 1000 more, and each one was unique. The Prime Minister and COAS also congratulated the team, former players, coaches, youngsters, players not part of the squad all couldn’t stop themselves from appreciating the team and being part of a historic day. 

Other highlights of the day included Babar Azam and Virat Kolhi toss moments, the captain of India hugging Rizwan at the end of the match, and Dhoni interacting with Pakistan players. These are some sights that everyone found wholesome. 

The men of the hour, the playing 11, and the rest of the squad recorded their moment and shared it with the public which made everything even sweeter. They were seen smiling, cheering then the captain Babar Azam appreciated them on their performance but at the same time urged them to keep performing the same way as this win is just the start. Pakistan indeed did create history but there is a lot more to be accomplished and achieved.

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