Cricket Associations Championship: Complete Details

Cricket Associations Championship is a three-day event that will begin on Wednesday. It will be played across three cities of Punjab; Faisalabad, Lahore, and Sheikhupura. Faisalabad’s Iqbal Stadium and Saeed Ajmal Academy, Rana Naveed Academy in Sheikhupura, and LCCA Ground in Lahore will host matches from 29 September to 14 November. 

The opening match of the tournament sees defending champions Sindh compete against Central Punjab in Lahore on 29 September. On the same day, Southern Punjab will face Northern in Sheikhupura while Balochistan will take on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Faisalabad.

Cricket Associations Championship: Points structure

Cricket Associations Championship will be played in a double round-robin format and there will be no knock-out matches. Instead, the team that will secure the most points will be declared as the winners of the tournament. You can follow the table to understand the points breakdown:

For an outright win after taking the lead in the 1st innings9 points  
For an outright win after conceding lead on the 1st innings 6 points (The losing team will get no points)
For an outright win after a tie in the 1st innings6 points (The losing team will get no points)
In case of a drawn match, the team getting 1st innings lead3 points 
For tie where teams have completed two innings2 points each
A team leading in 1st innings and 2nd innings tied shall 5 points 
For a tie in  the 1st innings (No outright result or drawn)2 points each
Abandoned, Washout or drawn match with no 1st innings result1 point each
Team win with an innings margin1 bonus point 
Team facing follow-on and saving the match (result drawn)1 bonus point
Team facing follow-on and winning the match 2 bonus points  

The PCB has also given the playing conditions of the competition. You can read them here

You can also check out the squads for the domestic season here: Squads for 2021-22 Domestic Season Announced

Sindh Cricket team
Sindh recently won the Cricket Associations T20

Cricket Associations Championship: Captains thoughts

In an event of what promises to be a competitive competition, all the six team’s captains had shared their thoughts on the new season of the Cricket Associations Championship.

Sindh Second XI captain Saifullah Bangash;

“We have prepared well from last season and are looking forward to doing well this season to become champions again. The players are relaxed; they have no pressure on them after winning the opening tournament (Cricket Associations T20) of the season. The players are ready to play quality cricket in the tournament.”

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Second XI captain Waqar Ahmed; 

“We had a good one-week preparation camp to get ourselves ready for the tournament. We have a young and energetic squad who are excited to perform in all three departments of the game.” 

Balochistan Second XI captain Azeem Ghumman; 

“Our preparations for the three-day tournament are good. We had some practice sessions recently and we are hopeful of doing well. We have a good combination of young and experienced players in the squad. We have good all-round players available in our team and with three to four experienced batters in our squad, we look to do well in the batting department.”

Southern Punjab Second XI captain Moinuddin; 

“We have adjusted well to the conditions before the start of the tournament. We worked tirelessly on our skill level and we are aiming to produce good results when we go on the field. We have almost the same players that played in the recently concluded T20 tournament and we are looking to dominate in the red-ball tournament.”

Central Punjab Second XI captain Ali Shan; 

“We are fully prepared to do well in the red-ball tournament. We had a couple of good sessions before the start of the tournament and we are eager to perform on the ground. Our fast bowling department is very strong and with seasonal batters in the squad, we are looking to produce some good performances in the tournament.”

Northern Second XI captain Umar Waheed; 

“The preparations for the tournament are well on track as we have worked hard to rectify mistakes made in the last season. The combination of the team is well balanced with good spinners, the players know each other well which will help us to do well on the ground.” 

Cricket Associations Championship: Dates and Fixtures

Round 1

Sept 29 – Oct 1Balochistan vs Khyber PakhtunkhwaIqbal Stadium Faisalabad
Central Punjab-SindhLCCA Ground Lahore
Southern Punjab-NorthernRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura
Oct 3 – 5Northern-BalochistanIqbal Stadium Faisalabad
Sindh-Southern PunjabRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Central PunjabLCCA Ground Lahore
Oct 8 – 10Balochistan-Central PunjabRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura
Northern-SindhLCCA Ground Lahore
Southern Punjab-Khyber PakhtunkhwaIqbal Stadium Faisalabad
Oct 13 – 15Balochistan-Southern PunjabRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura
Sindh-Khyber PakhtunkhwaLCCA Ground Lahore
Central Punjab-NorthernSaeed Ajmal Academy Faisalabad
Oct 18 – 20Sindh-BalochistanSaeed Ajmal Academy Faisalabad
Central Punjab-Southern PunjabLCCA Ground Lahore
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-NorthernRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura

Round 2

Oct 23 – 25Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-BalochistanLCCA Ground Lahore
Sindh-Central PunjabSaeed Ajmal Academy Faisalabad
Northern-Southern PunjabRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura
Oct 28 – 30Southern Punjab-BalochistanRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-SindhSaeed Ajmal Academy Faisalabad
Northern-Central PunjabLCCA Ground Lahore
Nov 2 – 4Central Punjab-BalochistanLCCA Ground Lahore
Sindh-NorthernSaeed Ajmal Academy Faisalabad
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Southern PunjabRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura
Nov 7 – 9Balochistan-NorthernSaeed Ajmal Academy Faisalabad
Southern Punjab-SindhRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura
Central Punjab-Khyber PakhtunkhwaLCCA Ground Lahore
Nov 12 – 14Balochistan-SindhSaeed Ajmal Academy Faisalabad
Southern Punjab-Central PunjabLCCA Ground Lahore
Northern-Khyber PakhtunkhwaRana Naveed Academy Sheikhupura

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