Will the Asia Cup be replaced by the Five Nation Cricket Tournament?

2023 is going to be full of major cricketing events like the Asia Cup and World Cup. However, there has been a lot of uncertainty regarding the venue of the former event. The arch-rivals Pakistan and India are having trouble finding a venue that works for both of them. The issue has taken a new turn, and it looks like the Asia Cup may not happen, but the Five Nation Cricket tournament will be played in its place. 

Details about the problems and the suggested solutions

Currently, Pakistan is the host of the tournament, and the tournament is set to take place in the month of September. The issue arose when India voiced its concerns and revealed that due to the political atmosphere between the two countries, it does not seem it is appropriate for the Indian team to travel to Pakistan. During the Asia Cricket Council (ACC) meeting, PCB came up with the idea of the event being held in a hybrid manner. This way, the other teams would play their matches in Pakistan, but India’s games would be played at a neutral venue. 

What is the consequence of India and Pakistan not reaching the common ground?

As per reports, this suggestion was first well received by BCCI’s chairman, but he changed his mind after returning to India. With the new development and Pakistan not budging from its demand of holding Asia cups in the hybrid model, the tournament may not take place at all. 

The other contenders for hosting the event include Sri Lanka and UAE as both of these countries have shown interest. However, PCB does not want to give up its hosting rights as this could set a precedent and make it difficult to be the host of other future events such as Champions Trophy 2025.

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What is the Five Nation Cricket Tournament?

If the issue does not resolve, then the Asia Cup may not happen at all this year. BCCI, which is one of the main reasons why the venue issue resurfacing, has already thought of another event that could be played instead. Five Nation Cricket tournament would be played during the months in which Asia Cup would have been played. 

A final decision regarding the venue and future of the Asia Cup is said to be announced soon. PCB knows what is on the line, that the chairman Najam Sethi will not be travelling to UAE next week but instead would be present in important meetings. 
The fans and people of Pakistan would definitely not be happy if the event is shifted to UAE or replaced completely by the Five Nation Cricket tournament.

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