Why Babar Azam is not in Fab 4 for some?

Fab 4 refers to the most talented cricketers in international cricket at that time. India’s Virat Kohli, Australia’s Steve Smith, New Zealand’s Kane Williamson and England’s Joe Root are part of the section. All these players are the gems of their batting line-ups.

Babar Azam’s Performance and Fab 4

  1. Babar Azam vs Fab 4 in T20s:
Virat Kohli97893,29651.50030
Joe Root323089335.7205
Steve Smith544388626.0504
Kane Williamson74722,02132.59014
Babar Azam74692,68645.52126

When Babar Azam’s performance is compared with fab 4 in T20s, it is clear that his batting average in T20s is 2nd best but he is placed at place 5.

  1. Babar Azam vs Fab 4 in ODIs:
Virat Kohli26025112,31158.074364
Joe Root1521426,10951.331635
Steve Smith1281134,37843.341125
Kane Williamson1511446,17347.481339
Babar Azam89874,44259.221719

Azam’s batting average deserves to be placed on 2nd number in ODIs instead of 5th number.

  1. Babar Azam vs Fab 4 in Tests:
Virat Kohli1011718,04349.952728
Joe Root11821810,01549.572653
Steve Smith851518,01059.772736
Kane Williamson871527,28952.812433
Babar Azam40712,85145.98621

In test rankings, the Pakistani captain is on 5th place and according to his batting average, he is on the right place.

Why Babar Azam is not a part of Fab 4?


Azam, with his performance, proved that he deserves to take place in fab 4. If it was fab 5, he will surely be a part of it. According to the Ex-BCCI selector, he is not part of the world’s top four cricketers because his track record is not good against SENA nations. But as per Babar’s record against SENA countries, he secures an average of 39.30 in 14 Tests, scoring 809 runs. According to Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh, it is too early to place him in fab 4. 

He has an excellent record in England, where he scored 260 runs with an average of 65.75. He scored 196 runs in the second test against SENA country Australia, in Karachi. Since 2018, he scored 2,851 runs with an average of 45.98. Nobody in world cricket has scored more Test runs at a higher average than him at this time. No player of fab 4 has scored a single century in T20s. But Babar has scored a century too. 

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